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State of Texas Approval

This course is based on the guidelines that have been set by the Texas Education Agency and Region 13 and is approved and recognized by all courts throughout the State of Texas. Furthermore, the video based and text course for defensive driving are officially recognized for dismissing traffic tickets and gaining insurance premium discounts.

Is the Course Suitable for You?

It is obligatory for all drivers who have gotten traffic tickets in Texas to complete this course, since it is the only way that they can dismiss their traffic tickets. Drivers who have taken this course in the past year and who have commercial driving licenses are not allowed to take the online course. There is a certain eligibility criterion that is set for drivers who want to check if they qualify for the course. The requirements are mentioned below:

Flexible Schedule

law library policies image With the online defensive driving course, you get to take the course at your convenience. You can take the course 10 minutes at a time, or complete the course with any combination that you desire, since it depends on the availability of your schedule. All that you will have to do is login to the system and there isn’t even any restriction on the number of times that you can login and out. It can be extremely boring to work in a classroom setting, and this is where our online system offers you a huge advantage, since you can take the course at any time and place. You can login from your work, school, and home or even from a relaxing spa table. It is advised not to take it while you are driving.

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